Pet Portrait Drawing Contest…1st ever on

I’ve been inspired, yet again by the amazing talent of my friend Aimee Hoover.  Not only did she awaken an untapped passion of mine; drawing pet portraits, but she also clued me into the world of contests.

In an attempt to broaden my audience and reach out to pet owners, I’m offering my first ever Pet Portrait Drawing CONTEST!

Please submit your pet photo entries and follow the requirements below. I look forward to viewing your pet photos and I’ll be in touch with the photo winner(s) once I receive all of the entries.  I’ll be posting the winning photo(s) along with other entries for all to see. I will be choosing the two pet photos that truly speak to me:

Pet Photo Requirements: Close-up head shots must be clear and not blurry. Natural lighting is a plus. Please, no more than 3 photo submissions. Submit photo requests to:

Turnaround Time: It is my goal to complete your custom pet portrait, shortly after it is received. Estimated return time: 1 to 3 weeks, plus delivery (please note, times may vary).

Please “like” my Facebook page!

Good luck and don’t forget to spread the word to all of your pet owner friends.


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