Pet Portrait Drawings



Holiday gifts made easy this year with pet portrait drawings. Be sure to check out the Pet Portrait Gallery page for previous work samples.

I intend to capture the true, organic nature of your most beloved companions. I’m inspired by your pets, to create one-of-a-kind artwork, meant to bring joy and enlightenment to you and your home. These portraits also make wonderful gifts for your loved ones.

Artwork medium: Charcoal, colored pencil(s) and charcoal paper size 9 in x 12 in (size may be altered to fit the drawing). Special requests may be made for custom sizes (additional fees may apply).

Pet Photo Requirements: Close-up head shots must be clear and not blurry. Natural light is a plus. Please, no more than 3 photo submissions. Submit photo requests to:

Turnaround Time: It is my goal to complete your custom pet portrait, shortly after it is received. Estimated return time: 1 to 3 weeks, plus delivery (please note, times may vary).

Pricing: $125

Standard shipping rates in the 48 contiguous states and materials included (additional shipping fees may apply).

Placing an order: If you should choose to move forward, please send an email to and include the following 3 required items listed below as well as the completed payment.

1. Contact information (name, address, email and phone)

2. Return mailing address where your portrait will be shipped (if different from above)

3. Pet photos (see Pet Photo Requirements)

Once payment has been received, we will begin.  Click the Buy Now button to get started.

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